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Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle service contracts (VSC), also known as extended warranties, are sold to customers above and beyond the price of the vehicle and are one of the most lucrative products for your dealership to sell your customer in F&I. The best way to maximize your profit is to reinsure your VSCs in your dealer owned reinsurance company through DealerRE. Through your reinsurance company, your dealership will still make the same gross profit you were making previously with your third-party warranty company, but now you are able to capture the underwriting profit they (your vendor) were getting before. This structure is essentially like owning a warranty company solely for your store and your customers. By doing so, you get to capture the profits and have more control in the claims process while driving claims back to your service facility which allows you to keep all of the service contract revenue in your business eco-system.

Think about this, if your current third-party warranty provider weren’t making a profit off of you or taking a loss, why would they continue to do business with you?

DealerRE has VSC programs for dealers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are selling mostly late model, low mileage vehicles or if all of your inventory has 90,000+ miles, we have a program for you.

Contact us today to start taking advantage of reinsuring your vehicle service contracts!


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