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Sell more than 15 cars a month?

You can offer your own F & I products, collateral protection, increase profits, and better serve your customers.

We’ve helped over 300 auto dealers become more profitable by offering their own reinsured warranties, service contracts, GAP, and collateral protection.

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The DealerRE Program will help you with:

Set Up

Product Analysis

Training & Support

Ongoing Optimization

Why Reinsurance? Here's Why:

How do you primarily finance your vehicle sales for your customers?​

DealerRE is the Reinsurance Expert You Need For Your Dealership


BHPH Product Solutions


Franchise/Retail Product Solutions

Take back the profits you deserve.

If your warranty company were not making a profit off of you selling their products, would they continue to do business with you?

Think about it, there is profit to be had!

If you took control and profits back from warranty and insurance companies in your dealership, how much better would your operation run and how much happier would your customers be?

Would that increase repeat and referral business?

We think so too!

Capture 100% of the profits that your 3rd party warranty and insurance companies are keeping.


"Best decision I ever made in the used car business!"

Would You Like More Information?

If you would like to know if reinsurance is right for you, just ask!

Can My Dealership Win with DealerRE?

If you would like to know if reinsurance is right for you, just ask!