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Buy Here Pay Here Product Solutions

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Buy Here Pay Here Products Include

BHPH Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle service contracts, also known as extended warranties, are sold to customers above and beyond the price of the vehicle. For independent and BHPH dealers vehicle service contracts help you to control the customer’s ownership experience in a favorable manner which helps you to receive repeat and referral business. Vehicle service contracts are also one of the most lucrative products for you the dealer to sell your customer. The best way to maximize profit is to reinsure these contracts in your dealer owned reinsurance company. This is very similar to owning a warranty company solely for your store and your customers. Your reinsurance company allows you to capture profit you were originally sending to your warranty company. If they weren’t making a profit off of you or taking a loss, why would they continue to do business with you?

For BHPH dealers vehicle service contracts the premium is financed over the term so you are billed monthly as you receive payments from the customer. This ensures that you are not hurting your cash flow and lending pool. The contract is still reinsured so you capture all underwriting profit at the end of the term of the contract.

Vehicle service contracts are offered in many different terms and coverage levels.

Contact us today to start taking advantage of reinsuring your vehicle service contracts!

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Tim Byrd started DealerRE in 1994 in Southeast Virginia and we have been helping dealers to expand their F&I programs to be more efficient and profitable ever since. DealerRE is a family company that is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the word of God.

You can trust our roots.

Reinsured Certified Pre-Owned Program

DealerRenew Certified is a reinsured program that is poised to transform the certified car market and your bottom line. DealerRenew Certified boasts a 100+ point inspection and a reinsured limited warranty for your customers peace of mind. This program will give you the edge you need over your competition and will create another profit center for your business through your dealer owned reinsurance company.

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  • Comes with 100+ point inspection check sheet
  • Several warranty term and coverage options to best fit your dealership and program
  • Fully reinsured warranty gives you 100% of the underwriting profit
  • Pay your customer’s claims, and not other dealers’, through our administrator obligor reinsurance programs also known as admin obligor
  • Dealers around the country have realized hundreds of thousands of dollars of underwriting profit that they did not know was available previously, through their reinsured DealerRenew Certified Program

BHPH Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

GAP is a deficiency balance waiver that waives the difference between insurance settlement and loan balance if a customer’s vehicle is deemed a total loss due to unrecovered theft or collision. It’s one of the many products we offer as part of our reinsurance lineup! In BHPH, GAP is a no brainer!

Every day we talk to car dealers around the country and we learn about their business and offer them solutions to problems or open their eyes to opportunities that they may not had previously considered. What you probably already know is that every dealership is different, but in BHPH, dealers face many of the same problems because their customers are very similar. One of those problems, or opportunities for the optimists reading this, is what to do with remaining balances when your customer has had a total loss accident and you’ve received what you are going to get from the insurance company for the vehicle.

A few dealers we have spoken with decide to go after the customer for the left-over balance, but as I’m sure you have guessed, that option is rarely fruitful and if anything, it alienates that customer from purchasing from you again. You spend a lot of money on marketing, why would you do anything that pushes customers away from you? So, most dealers we speak with tell me they forgive the balance and write it off as uncollectible in an effort to keep the customer and focus efforts on parts of the business that are more fruitful. This way of managing the problem is probably the one that makes the most sense for you, BUT, let us introduce you to the opportunity.

If you really think about that latter method of handling the left-over balances, you are providing GAP for the customer, you are just doing it for free. Why do that when you could sell it to them? Not only sell it to them, but do so through a reinsurance company so you get to keep all of the underwriting profits and you don’t have to deal with a 3rd party GAP company who is trying NOT to pay you…

So just an example, you do 150 GAP this year, and charge each customer $499 (obviously, what you charge the customer is up to you) and put that on the retail installment contract as a line item. You’ve just added $75,000 to your receivables for a service you were going to give those customers for free anyways! When you have a GAP claim, you file it with your reinsurance company and cut yourself a check! This is all found money that is not being paid to you by your customers right now.

If you are selling GAP right now, why sell someone else’s GAP when you can sell your own? Again, with a reinsurance company you keep the underwriting profits and you don’t have to spend time (I know it’s a lot) dealing with the 3rd party company that is trying to find a way not to pay you!

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Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

CPI, Collateral Protection Insurance, is a force placed insurance product that is placed by the creditor to protect their interest in the vehicle against physical damage should the customer fail to obtain or maintain physical damage insurance as required in the credit agreement. The customer is responsible for the cost of the CPI premium. The product allows BHPH dealers and finance companies to protect their collateral and reduce risk in their portfolios.

The best news for you is this program can be reinsured in your own reinsurance company so that you capture all of the underwriting profits from this program. Instead of purchasing CPI or a similar product from a 3rd party vendor, depending on your book of business, you can send the premiums to your own insurance company and reap the rewards.

This program is available in most states and is subject to laws and regulations of the state(s) that you will be doing business in.

CPI fulfills your customer’s insurance requirement on the credit agreement but does not provide bodily injury, no fault or liability insurance for your customer and does not comply with any state financial responsibility law on their behalf. Your customer must obtain and maintain the state required liability coverage on their own.

CPI gives you the peace of mind in knowing your customer’s have signed an agreement that protects your interest. If they fail to provide adequate insurance coverage or allow their insurance to lapse then you can protect your collateral at your customer’s expense. They will begin to pay you a premium each month for the collateral protection insurance instead of paying their insurance company for comprehensive and collision coverage!

Do you have the money to cover losses due to your customer’s lack of responsibility of keeping insurance to protect your collateral? It is time for you to cover your risk with CPI to keep your customer’s on the road and your collateral covered. Be smart, give us a call today to get started!

Call us today for more information at (804) 824-9533!

Debt Cancellation Coverage

Debt Cancellation Coverage (DCC) is a reinsured waiver for buy here pay here dealers to sell their customers instead of having them carry full coverage insurance. In the case of a total loss DCC covers the total debt owed to the dealer which allows the dealer to get the customer into another car making payments again. The contract is reinsured allowing you to collect premium and reserve it in your dealer owned reinsurance company to pay claims. The total amount of premium you write minus claims is the underwriting profit you will capture instead of sending it to an insurance company. Stop paying employees to get your customers to pay someone else (the insurance company) and capture that premium for your self! Imagine your book of business paying you a premium every month. Profit builds fast!

DCC is usually significantly less expensive for the customer than full coverage insurance which allows helps find them money for their car payment and other coverages.

Customers must continue to carry liability insurance by state law!

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Our mission is to serve and educate car dealers across the country to utilize reinsurance to be a better dealer, to better serve their customers, and improve their business and personal financial well-being.

We have been helping dealers with reinsurance for decades and have the experience to help our clients build the programs that are going to help them to be as profitable and successful as possible.

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