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Dealer’s Greatest Fears About Reinsurance Addressed

Everyday I speak with apprehensive dealers who want to start their own reinsurance companies but have fears.  The two most common fears I hear are:  

1. I don’t have time, I am trying to make a profit at the dealership. 

To that I say, reinsurance is a NEW REVENUE STREAM (Profit) doing what you are already doing except you get to keep the profit that you are currently sending off to a third party.

2.  I don’t have the headspace to deal with my customer’s claims.

And, to that I say, at DealerRE we do all of the administration, management and servicing of your claims.  We are a ready made staff, and we come in and run your reinsurance company for you so you can continue to focus on your dealership.  That’s the DealerRE difference, any company will set you up, but our onboarding and training is second to none.  We do everything to ensure your success.  

If you are selling more than 15 cars a month and you can sell your own VSCs, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to have a new revenue stream.  Take time to work on your business, not just in your business and explore the lucrative opportunity to own your own warranty company.  

The only complaint we hear from dealers is “Why didn’t I start this sooner?”

Call me today to see if Reinsurance is right for you. 804-824-9533
I would love to help you be even more successful. 

All the best, 
Kristi Cashman


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