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Tax Refund Strategies and Dealership Tips

  1. Have more inventory. Seems obvious, but you might be surprised. Buy heavy at an auction in January if you didn’t in November or December. You can’t sell what you don’t own, fill that lot up!
  2. Partner with DealerRE to generate more profit through reinsurance or their profit-sharing program. Lean on their 25 years of experience. Building your network is one of the best ways to maximize the resources you can have as a dealership. Check out our services catered to dealers or contact us to get started. We offer a free F&I Analysis to see if your F&I department is operating at the highest profit potential.
  3. Tax match for the down payment if you are a Buy Here Pay Here dealer. Make the buying experience easier.
  4. Have CPI or DCC to protect your collateral. It’s easy and so necessary.
  5. Increase reviews for your dealership. Get customers to leave reviews before they leave with their car and/or offer bonuses to your employees that get site reviews for your dealership.
  6. Offer a gift. Who doesn’t love a bonus to their buy? Try offering a full tank of gas, an oil change or two with an auto purchase to sweeten the deal.
  7. Prepare your processes for a smooth customer experience. With the potential surge in business, it’s important to prepare the backend of your dealership to ensure an efficient post-purchase process. Empower every employee to do their best and be their best.
  8. Plan a big kick-off. Celebrate your team and tell them how much you appreciate them. Longer hours deserve perks and a little bit goes a long way. Bring in lunch once a week or provide bagels and cream cheese. Let your employees know how much you appreciate them.
  9. Use sales sites. Your customer reach doesn’t have to be limited to your physical location. There are plenty of online aggregators that can help get your inventory moving, like:

We help dealers all over the country optimize their dealerships which includes tax savings, increased customer service and an increase in profit potential. We would love to help you too! Here’s to a prosperous and wildly successful 2023 Tax Season.


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