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Is Reinsurance Right For You?

Owning your own warranty company is easier than you think. Here are a few qualifying questions to discover if this new profit stream is a possibility for your specific business model.

  • Do you sell more than 15 cars a month?
  • Are you able to sell your own service contracts with most of your lenders?
  • Are you interested in taking back the profit and control in your dealership?
  • Do you want a set-up that keeps you in compliance with the IRS?
  • Do you have your own repair facility? (not necessary, but it helps!)
  • Do you sell 5+ service contracts a month?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, reinsurance is a must for you. You are literally losing out on profit each month you delay.

If you contact us, we will send you our free Ebook – “Five Tips For More Profit” or call us today so that we can do a free reinsurance analysis to show you the profit that could be yours.


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