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It’s Time To Make A Decision About Reinsurance

Over the years, we have had the privilege of serving hundreds of dealers. We have also had the opportunity to speak with and educate thousands. There are some common questions that continue to be asked and we wanted to share them with you, our potential client, so that you can be most informed while you are considering working with us.

Here at DealerRe, we are committed to your success. We are constantly working for you, the dealer, to help your business grow and bring you the most innovative ways to grow and succeed in the automotive industry. We hope these facts and frequently asked questions help you in the discovery and decision making process about reinsurance.

Why should a dealer have reinsurance?

Owning your own reinsurance company is a way of expanding your profit and having more control of your customers ownership experience. Third party warranty companies and insurance companies profit from premium reserves not used to pay claims. Reinsurance allows you to capture that profit instead. It is a new profit center that can be one of the greatest wealth builders for you in the car business.

Why don’t most dealers have a reinsurance company?

Most larger dealers do own their own reinsurance company. Smaller dealers can be unaware of the benefits of reinsurance because they have not been marketed to due to volume.

What is the biggest misconception about reinsurance?

The largest misconception is you must be very large in volume or that it costs a lot of money to get started. Neither are true!

We hope this provides clarity. We would love to answer your specific questions and send you more information. Please hit the “Find out more” button below and we will follow up with more information.


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