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All The Buzz at The State And NIADA Conventions

We had never seen anything like it.  Dealers at all of the state and national conventions this year were finally talking about reinsurance and how they “had to have it.” Dealers are finally understanding what an incredible opportunity reinsurance is and how owning your own warranty company and capturing the profit that you are currently giving away to a 3rd party warranty company is what the most profitable dealers do.  It is the single business decision that can take your dealership and business to the next level. 

The truth of the matter is that dealers are telling us what we have been telling others for over 20 years. Reinsurance is the single best opportunity that can help you be more profitable.  We don’t want to leave you behind, so let’s make time to discuss your specific business model and how reinsurance will enhance what you are already doing. 

Take back control, increase profits – and give your customers a great experience.

Point 1: Buy Here Pay Here and retail dealers have a massive opportunity if you are selling more than 15 cars a month.

Point 2: With DealerRE, you won’t have to pay for the full premium up front like you would with a 3rd party warranty company.

Point 3: Reinsurance is a new profit center by working smarter not harder.


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