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Create Your Dealership’s Advantage Program

Why should customers buy from you? Some of our most successful clients have created custom “Advantage Programs” for their dealerships.

These programs for retail dealerships typically offer limited and/or certified warranties with ancillary product bundles (dent, windshield coverage, 24/7 roadside) and additional giveaways (oil changes, inspections, coupons off next car, etc) which builds value as one big package for the customer. This gives your dealership a marketing advantage over all of your competition and creates a reason why the customer should buy from you instead of anyone else. It also creates an easy transition to the person doing F&I for you to be able to say, “Mr. Or Ms. customer, how would you like to extend your advantage program membership to 3 years and 36,000 miles?” In doing so, up-selling the customer to a 3 year service contract and a 3 year ancillary bundle. The best part of creating an “Advantage Program” for your dealership and your customers is that you can reinsure your program through your dealer owned reinsurance company meaning all of the underwriting profit becomes yours instead of a third party warranty company. That’s right, any premium left that is not paid in claims becomes YOUR profit from the warranties AND the ancillary products.

For Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, our clients have been most successful creating an advantage program that replaces the customer’s requirement of having full coverage insurance and instead having them carry debt cancellation coverage and packaging that with a 24 month vehicle service contract PLUS different value add items like free oil changes, free inspections, coupons off their next vehicle purchase, etc. By setting up an advantage program like this, BHPH dealers are able to cover their collateral, protect the mechanical well being of the vehicle, AND create an extra income stream for themselves that was previously being spent with their customer’s insurance company. By pricing that package to your customers for, as an example $100 a month, you can redirect that money they were spending with their insurance company and have them spend it with you and get the customers get WAY more value out of it than just having comp. and collision coverage. It’s really a no brainer for them AND for you! Think of it this way, a majority of your customers paying in to a pool, you own, to help fund mechanical breakdown issues that the group, your portfolio, has. Of course, the service contract and debt cancellation are reinsured in your reinsurance company, allowing you to capture all underwriting profit after claims.

Should you wish to do the same, we will design a professionally branded brochure to match your dealership at the point of sale for you and your customers. See some of our real examples blow. Let us help you build your advantage program that gives you the advantage over your competition AND helps build value on why customers should buy from you and spend their money with you. We are the experts of helping dealers reinsure their finance and insurance products to give them an unfair advantage over their competition and this is just one of many ways you can utilize reinsurance to be a better dealer.


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