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Why DealerRE?

All Reinsurance Companies Are NOT The Same

Experience, integrity and excellence you can trust.
So you understand reinsurance and know it is a necessary step in building your business, but the big question is who do you choose as your reinsurance administrator and are all administrators the same? The clear answer is NO. Not all administrators are the same and your success depends on choosing the right one. Here is what you need to know. There are bare bones administrators who set you up and hope you fly. Their fees are lower because all the servicing on your claims is done by you- the dealer (now turned claims adjuster:(). And, there are administrators who go the extra mile and offer onboarding, training, servicing of claims and continual optimization for your reinsurance company- that’s us.

At DealerRE, we know how to help you optimize your reinsurance company, maximize profit and realize the most control over your customer’s experience. In short, we are the experts and we know how to help you succeed.
Excellent Customer Service- (second to none)
Ongoing Training & Support
Arms length transactions to keep you IRS Compliant (which is very important)
Reinsurance is the best of all in the F&I world! It is owning your own warranty company, without having to worry about the management of claims. The absolute best of both worlds. It is optimizing your dealership by maximizing profit potential and we are the experts that can help you be successful. The correct, compliant set up and management, makes all the difference. Call us today for a quick analysis to see if Reinsurance is right for you.


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