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Don’t you hate it when everyone seems to know about something and it seems you are the last to find out? Well, that is how many dealers feel when they finally hear about and understand reinsurance. They grieve over the money they could have made “if they only would have done reinsurance sooner.” That is the number one complaint we hear with dealers. So when we contact you, it’s not because we are trying to sell you something. It’s because we see the potential in your business model and we know that if you partner with us, we can help you maximize your reinsurance company’s potential. If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.

Don’t be fooled though, not all administrators are equal. Some offer lower prices but are not IRS compliant, and you have to manage your own claims, etc… With DealerRE, you get the best: professionalism, excellent customer service and expert administration and management of your reinsurance company. If you click the link, we will send you our free Ebook – “7 Ways to Keep 100% of the Profit From Your Warranty Sales” or call us today so that we can do a free reinsurance analysis to show you the profit that could be yours. 804-824-9533


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